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"I've had the pleasure of working with Denise Rhoades for several years. She does all of the fabrications for my company which makes weather-resistant winter coats for dogs. Denise does consistently high quality work. Each and every piece is done with great care and attention to details. Her workmanship is extraordinary and the results are beautiful.


When MMDC started several years ago, Denise played a vital role in helping me to translate my ideas about warmth, range of motion,

and maximum coverage into dog coats that are suitable for our harsh winter conditions in Colorado.


All of her garments are adorable, well-made and good looking.


Every year Denise has helped to incorporate improvement into our patterns. We've expanded the range of sizes to six, from very small to very large. These coats can accommodate a variety of body shapes and sizes. MountainMutt also provides custom work for harder-to-fit-dogs. Denise is able to modify existing patterns or create new ones. This has been especially useful for very small dogs and very large dogs.


In our first year, we were invited to host a booth at a Juried Craft Show at the Boulder Creek Fest. It was a lovely compliment at a testiment to Denise's high quality and beautiful work."

- Fran Blum, MountainMuttDogCoats

"Denise is better than a professional! She is an amazing seamstress. I have relied on her from the basic of alterations to intricate furniture covers, professional dance costumes, men's and women's business suits... You name it... She can make it look like a million bucks. All shapes and sizes, all types of material, any kind of sewing project, she can handle it. I have referred her to so many of my friends... And we keep going back. Denise is personable, reliable and understands your sewing needs. You have come to the right place... This is your one stop sewing headquarters!"

- Julie

"We have returned CES trade show from Las Vegas. The custom covers that you made for us worked great. They made our set up so much easier and they looked a million times better. We are so happy with the work you did for us in this most unusual project, Denise. Your skills are incredible. Thank you so much."

- Kerry St. James, Senior Account Executive, YG Accoustics.